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Greengo is committed to providing premium quality seeds to meet the needs of our customers. Our passion is rooted in introducing cutting-edge genetics to the marketplace, and pairing them with our commitment to quality assurance and customer service to create lasting business relationships.  

We would love the opportunity to grow with you, check out our products and services page to learn more.

Our Products


Our heart is found in our lettuce breeding program, however our own varieties aren’t quite there yet. Until then, we offer many public lettuce varieties; we would love to see them in your fields. Get in touch for a full price list.

Other Commodities

Greengo partners with independent breeders from around the globe to bring growers bold new varietal options across several commodities. Contact us to put together custom trials based on your unique growing program to replace or diversify varieties throughout your schedule.

Our Services

Breeding Program Evaluation

Have a breeding program or variety you want to trial for commercial viability in the Desert Southwest or California? You have come to the right place. Greengo has relationships with many growers in these areas, and with over 20 years of breeding and crop evaluation experience, we look forward to helping you bring your product to market.

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We are blessed to be located in one of the best production areas in the United States. You need isolations? No problem, we have access to multiple sites throughout Yuma and Imperial County. We can accommodate all projects large and small; from planting to harvest, and everything in between.

We can help with:

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